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STREET NEWS is published by Street Community Communications, Inc. 15 Gloria Court, Suite #1, Staten Island, NY 10302.  Email nystreetnewsbiz@aol.com.  Copyright 2005 by Street News.  All rights reserved.  The entire contents of Street News except where other copyright is shown, is the sole property of Street news and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without prior written consent of the publisher or the Editor-in-Chief.
Selling Your Misfortune Doesn't Make You A Business Person; Selling a Product Does
Street Smart
On the street, it's not how big you are, or how rich you are that makes a difference but knowing what you have; what it is worth; and using it to good advantage.
If this sounds a lot like doing business in today's slim, trim global economy, GET STREET SMART.  Take another look at STREET NEWS.  Today we mean business.
For more on how today's Street News delivers more of tomorrow's business for less, call for information.

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